Most of the mobile ice bath systems in use around the world today are manufactured by iCool in Australia, so we must be doing something right

Although automatic ice baths are in widespread popular use by elite athletes around the world today, it was not long ago that the only way to cool a portable or mobile ice bath was with large amounts of ice. That was before iCool designed and developed the rst practical portable cooling system for ice baths. These are the iCool’s that are seen at major sporting facilities all around the world today.

iCool technology has freed athletes and sports specialists not only from having to nd large quantities of ice, but for the rst time they have the ability to carry out ice bath recovery and training sessions either at home or in the eld with great accuracy and consistency and for as long as they wish, which has not been possible with ice. Today, using an iCool it is practical to carry out tightly controlled ice bath protocols almost anywhere on demand.

The technology developed by iCool to make this possible turned out to be much more dif cult than anyone would have expected. On our website there is a full technical explanation of just how dif cult it is to cool large volumes of water and how we solved the signi cant problems.