We provide World Class Systems and Services in the field of Athletic Recovery and Performance.

The Founder has a long standing experience in endurance sports and expedition mountaineering having completed the following expeditions on the World stage:

– Marathon Grandslam Tour: 7 Continents, 7 Marathons in 10 days
– North Pole Marathon, the coldest Marathon in the world
– Everest Marathon: The Highest Marathon in the world
– Jungle Ultra Marathon: 205 Kilometer self supported Ultra Marathon in the Amazon Jungle
– 24 Hour Insomnia ultra marathon: 100 Kilometers in 24 hours.
– 2 x 70.3 Ironman
– 12 Total Marathons in various cities.
– Successfully summitted 8 major summits world wide, including the highest summits in 5 continents, Latin America, Europe, Africa, – Antarctica and Australia/Oceania.
– Currently completing the Explorers’ Grand Slam, which involves climbing the highest summit on each continent and successfully reaching both Geographical North and South Poles.


My journey as an endurance athlete and expedition mountaineer has granted me the humbling honor of visiting the most preserved and cherished corners of this beautiful Earth. From the Last point on earth in the Arctic region, to Antarctica, to the Amazon, to some of the most majestic mountains; the journey continues to be marvelous. All throughout, these endeavors have taught us the lessons on survival, camaraderie and irreplaceable experiences.