Book your Ice bath session now and witness the direct benefits of Cold Water Immersion.


Ice baths are famous for their ability over time to:

– Lift your mood, by decreasing the production of inflammatory cytokines which are linked to anxiety and depression
– Weight Loss and Metabolism: Alter the behavior of your fat cells by exposing your body to colder temperatures
– Immune System regulation
– Enhanced Sleep pattern through regulation of cortisol levels
– Athletic recovery and reduced inflammation

Book your session now at our facility. Please Whatsapp us on the following number to schedule your session: +971 54 565 6021.
Session price is 95 aed + V.A.T per person. (card payment preferred)

Please consider:

– Dressing up in either training tights (and Sports bra for women) or swimwear.
– Due to COVID19 towels are not provided, kindly bring your own.
– Please park your car on the main street, there are plenty of RTA based parking spaces on the main street.
– Please inform us in case of any delay or change in booking timings.
– Session time is usually 12-15 minutes, but if you are in “beast mode” and can tolerate the cold water we are happy for you to stay in up to 30 minutes 😉