– Longevity


Choose your preferred experience and combine the scientific benefits of cold water
immersion with powerful breathing and meditation techniques, to go deep into the body’s
untapped recovery potential.

Cold Water Immersion

Reach beyond your limits by
cold conditioning your body
to recover faster. Lift your
mood and kickstart the
weightloss process.

Starting at AED 110

Infrared Sauna

Infrared heaters designed to
detoxify and heal the body, boost
mood, and more. Unlike
traditional saunas that feature
steam or dry heat to warm a
room, infrared saunas use infrared heat lamps in confined
spaces to raise body
temperature directly.

Starting at AED 210

Yoga, Stretching & mobility

Improve your range of motion,
flexibility and mobility through
combined practice not just limited
to a certain type of stretching or
yoga. Gain more body weight
strength and knowledge on how
you can improve your every day life
style with conscious body

Starting at AED 210

Sports Massage

Combination of Japanese and
Thai deep tissue massage to
relax, stretch, release tension
and encourage over all
wellness for the mind and

Starting at AED 215

Holistic Therapy &
Pressure Point Massage

Pressure point therapy based
around the same effects as
acupuncture. Release tension
through out the body by locking
down the source of the problem.
Diving deep into human
anatomy on a larger scale other
then physically.

Starting at AED 215