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The Most Powerful Mobile Ice Bath Machine ever.

iCool has created the most powerful mobile IceBath machine available anywhere. Perfect to support your advancement towards IceMan status as taught by the world’s leading ice recovery methods Guru, Wim Hof


Use an IceMan machine to combine the benefits of iCool Technology with the proven Wim Hof Method.



Cold is your friend and breathing is the key. Used together, they can radically improve your life.

Use an IceMan machine to combine the benefits of iCool Technology with the proven Wim Hof Method.

Wim Hof’s has made outstanding contributions to recovery science. His body and mind life improvement methods have changed the lives of thousands of health conscious people worldwide who follow his proven science and teachings. This  was our inspiration to create this powerful new iCool machine. We honour & recommend this great wellness pioneer.

Fast, accurate chilling of any iCool pool or even your own pool up to 2000 litres (550 GI).


MOBILE: Add our perfectly matched military grade travel case & you can use your IceMan anywhere your fitness and recovery journey takes you. Comes complete with high flow long life water pump and all pool connection hoses ready to snap together & go.

FIXED IN PLACE: Giving you all the benefits of the mobile version but with universal standard plumbing fittings to suit any built in bathtub, pool or spa. An iCool IceMan can operate all day every day, 24/7

REMOTE OPERATION VERSION: Supplied with special cable to allow the touch screen to be installed away from the machine and your choice of either quick connect water fittings or standard fixed in place plumbing fittings.

The Ultimate Combination – IceMan Machine & IceMan Pool.

Improve your health and wellbeing with methods pioneered and proven by Wim Hof

  • Reach beyond your limits by cold conditioning your body.
  • Enjoy great sleep. Ice baths are natures natural tranquilliser
  • Shift your immune system in to top gear
  • Turn your body’s white fat cells in to heat burning brown cells to assist weight control.

Matching portable Iceman pool.

We designed our new IceMan portable inflatable pool to perfectly compliment the cooling power of the IceMan machine. It’s a deep pool for full body immersion and well insulated to allow for very low temperature water

True Military grade travel cases to fit & protect the Iceman machine.

Designed by iCool and engineered and manufactured for us by a leading supplier of super strong transport cases for the armed forces of the United States and many other countries. Our matching IceMan transport cases are made from engineering grade polyethelene which makes them close to indestructible as transport cases. The interiors are lined with laser cut foam rubber inserts to exactly fit and protect your IceMan


All IceMan models can be remote controlled from your smart phone, iPad or computer, or connected to a home or building management system.


Main Chassis        Marine Grade Aluminium with Long life epoxy coating
Main Top Cover        Marine Grade Aluminium with Long life epoxy coating
Handles        Stainless Steel
Compressor        2 x Panasonic/Mitsubishi Brand Hi Efficiency Rotary.
Fan        High capacity 3000 Cubic Ft/ Minute, low noise.
Condenser        2 x Copper & Aluminium
Heat Exchanger        2 x Titanium Tube suitable for pool chemicals and salt
Touch Screen        2 x 7 inch Hi Res Full Colour Computer Tablets
Refrigerant        HR22 Green Gas 300g- Zero Environment effect
Water Fittings        Food Grade Polyethylene
Plumbing Fittings        Poly quick connect fittings
CE Compliances         Yes
RoHS Compliance         Yes
Country of Origin         Australia
Weight in Travel box         52Kg
Weight in shipping box         80Kg