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Powerful Chilling or Heating in One System

The World’s Most Popular Automatic Icebath Machine for really BIG pools.
  • Unique and Original TWIN ENGINE Technology
  • Made for the Purpose and Made to Last
  • The simplest possible Water & Electrical Connections.


Unique and Original TWIN ENGINE Technology

iCool is the absolute world leader in ice bath technology. We manufacture large numbers of ice bath systems and export them all over the world at the lowest prices available.

All iCools have inbuilt intelligence for consistent accurate control of water temperatures and they operate from a wall mounted remote control with a large colour touch screens, or from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Each TurboCool is not just one but 2 complete heat pump machines working side by side inside each machine. This unique technology is only available from iCool. This allows a TurboCool to continue to operate effectively even if one of it’s 2 chillers is out of service for any reason.

The Twin Engine design also saves a lot of electricity compared to ordinary chillers, because the built in digital power management system manages the power of both chillers separately to reduce power usage to the lowest needed to maintain your set temperature over long periods of hours, days or months. For this reason it has the lowest running cost of any similarly powered water chiller or heater.

The third advantage is that the TurboCool does not need expensive 3 phase power. The computer manages the start up sequence to eliminate momentary high peak electrical loads so only standard single phase power is required.

Operation is fully automatic, “just set the temperature you want and forget”.

Made for the Purpose and Made to Last

The twin heat exchanger tanks are made from the highest quality Titanium tubing, which means they can withstand all normal swimming pool chemicals and even salt water.

All metal work is manufactured in Australia from marine grade aluminum with a double layer of UV protected epoxy paint coating for a long life outdoors.

The two powerful rotary refrigeration compressor motors in each machine are manufactured by the highly respected Mitsubishi company.

Electronic components and systems software are designed and manufactured in Australia by iCool.

Cooling air fans are manufactured in Europe and designed for long service life and low noise.

For countries that experience very cold winters, TurboCools have intelligent protection for operating in extreme cold weather.

The simplest possible Water & Electrical Connections.

  • PLUMBING: Needs only 2 standard pool grade 40mm PVC pipes attached to the conveniently placed  hand tightened fittings provided. Connect the other ends of the 2 pipes to your pool and you are ready to automatically chill or heat the water.
  • ELECTRICAL: For electric power only a standard 20 amp single phase 220v connection is needed. (40 amp standard single phase in 110v countries)
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Only a single data cable is needed between the TurboCool and the matching colour touch screen Remote Control wall box.
  • Smart phone, iPad or computer control is built in and TurboCools can also be controlled by any standard Building Management System.

Data Cable

A factory manufactured power and communication cable, made to any length the owner requires is provided with each TurboCool, pre wired with waterproof plugs for fast simple connection of your TurboCool to the Wall Mounted Remote Control Box. No other connections are needed between the TurboCool and the Controller.

Both Touch Screen and Wireless Control.

  • The Remote Control Wall Mount Touch Screen can be installed anywhere up to 100 metres from the TurboCool. Suitable for in wall or on wall mounting they also contain a spa jet controller and an emergency stop button.
  • The Remote Control Touch Screen provides constantly updated pool and system temperature information and many other helpful features.
  • TurboCools can also be operated from any smart phone, iPad or Android Tablet or a computer. An output is available to display the pool and system temperatures on any large TV screen.
  • TurboCools can be integrated in to Building Management Systems.

Safety is a priority.

Personal Safety:

For the safety of users, any leakage of even a tiny amount of electrical current will instantly cause the built in Residual Current Device to remove all electrical power from the entire system. The maximum leakage allowed is a very low 30 milliamperes which is harmless to humans.

Turbocools are also protected against :

  • A loss of water flow
  • Overheating of the system
  • Loss of refrigerant gas
  • Freezing of the titanium heat exchanger tanks
    Freezing of the heat exchanging surfaces in very low winter temperature conditions.
  • If any of these things occur, your iCool will sound an alarm and display an error message. If the error may be hazardous it will shut itself down completely and a warning screen will appear to assist you to identify and correct the problem. Further assistance is usually available under the “Help” menus on the control screen.


Maximum Cooling Power       15,400 Watts
Maximum Heating Power       15,800 Watts
Operating Power – 220 Volts       14.8 Amps
Operating Power – 110 Volts       29.6 Amps
Max. Starting Power 220 Volts       20 Amps
Max. Starting Power 110 Volts       40 Amps
Heat Pump Type       Rotary Compressor X2
Earth Leakage Safety Device       30 Milliamperes Instant trigger
Titanium Heat Exchangers       2 x 25 Litres
Power Management System       Intelligent Digital
Standard Mounting Available Mounting Options       Anti Vibration Feet
Air Flow       4,000 Cubic Ft/Minute
Standard User Control and Information System        Colour Touch Screen High Resolution LCD
Remote Control         Yes
Maximum Pump Capacity         Up to 550 watts
Mains Power Connection 220-240V or 110V Single Phase         Connection Box Waterproof
Weight no water Kg / Pounds         96KG 205 Lbs
Dimensions H. – W. – D. In mm.         1050x850x348
Dimensions H. – W. – D. Inches         41.3×33.5×13.7
Communication         Wired Remote Control Wall Box or Phone, Tablet or               Computer via WiFi.
HDMI Output         Any size TV set can remotely display the temperature             and operation data.


iCool Systems are sold all around the world and these specifications may be different for units delivered in your country due to local conditions or regulations or other factors. Also certain specifications may change due to ongoing research and development, because we are constantly improving our products.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions and we offer support for general enquiries and information for specific countries on our website at icoolsport.com