د.إ10,548 AED

1 to 6 person Twin hard pool ideal for contrast therapy.




817mm Length (2 tubs + step unit) 2720mm


(bath) 1130



The Revolutionary iCool IcePod Duo

  • The Next Generation of very affordable Ice Bath Therapy facilities for 2 to 6 athletes.
  • Fixed in place recovery facility or easily transported to another venue.
  • One Pod Chilled and One Pod Hot or both Chilled for a perfect recovery session
  • Works perfectly with with any machine from the iCool Compact or TWIN Range
  • An interlocking step system that allows for assembly within seconds
  • Non-slip surface on the external and internal steps and the standing surface
  • Constructed to ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards

Add an iCool “Twin” machine. A Perfect match for the IcePod Duo.

  • A unique machine for chilling and heating both pools at the same time. The revolutionary iCool TWIN
  • A Twin Engine Machine to add perfect low cost contrast therapy to your IcePod Duo recovery room.
  • The TWIN has 2 completely seperate heat pumps, each with their own touch screen controller.
  • So one machine can operate both pools at the same time and each can be set to its own temperature.
  • You can chill one pool and heat the other at the same time, or at busy  times both pools can be chilled.
  • Each can be set to and accurately controlled to different temperatures.

A Cutting Edge Recovery Centre at an Affordable Price.

  • Have the Contrast Therapy Facility you need without the high cost.
  • The entire system can be up and running the same day you receive it.
  • This is the perfect solution for smaller clubs or rehabilitation centres.
  • Add an iCool TWIN or one or two iCool Compact machines for a system that can do everything you will ever need for accurate and repeatable recovery sessions.

A Much Deeper Bath

A Far Better Pool in every way, a Much Deeper Bath to provide effective Static Pressure on your lower body and legs.

  • Amazingly strong, almost indestructible materials.
  • Safe, Strong, Comfortable.
  • Space for 1-2 or even 3 athletes.
  • Easy entry and exit with built in steps and seats.
  • Built to last for many years of real world heavy use.
  • Designed for easy transport easy installation.
  • Surprisingly low cost for this world leading technology.

Matching Safety Lids Available

Add a perfect fitting safety lid. to your order. iCePod Duo Lids

  • For child safety
  • To keep your water clean in dusty areas.
  • To keep hot pools hot and save electricity. (heat rises)

Quick Connectors Available For Any ICool Machine

  • All iCePods have 2 brass water fittings moulded in to quickly connect to any iCool machine
  • The inbuilt brass connectors are compatible with our quick connect water fittings Accessory Connector
  • The water pump of any iCool machine can also be used to fill or empty the iCePods.


Built-in connections for any of iCool’s Automatic chilling and heating machines

  • low cost
  • fully automatic
  • Quickly set up a contrast recovery centre
  • One cold and one hot pool or 2 chilled pools.

Run 2 pools from one powerful unit.

  • Two colour touch screens for seperate control of each pool .
  • Operate 2 pools at the same time from just 1 machine.
  • One pool can be chilled while the other is heated, or
  • Both pools can be chilled at the same time.
  • Powerful twin automatic heat pumps in one machine.
  • Twin Titanium heat exchagers, safe with pool chemicals
  • iCool’s digital electric power saving technology
  • Lowest possible running cost with built in smart power.
  • Permanent installaion or easily Transportable.
  • Modern good looking design to enhance your recovery room.