Today, athlete’s at all levels of sport and in almost every country use iCools as an essential part of their condition training and for effective recovery from soft tissue and muscle trauma after sporting events. The list of sports now using iCools is almost endless. From football to motor racing to cycling, running, swimming, triathlons, skiing, yachting, boxing, wrestling, tennis, baseball and the list goes on and on.

In the 2012 Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, teams and athlete’s from almost every major country used ice bath’s and the overwhelming majority of those used iCool ice bath equipment. In the 2012 Tour de France almost every team used iCool ice baths.

Today, wherever their are serious athlete’s and sport’s teams you will find ice baths being used.


iCools are now increasingly used by movie stars, dancers and entertainers, show buisnesses etc to maintain a high level of fitness and to recover quickly from the rigours of their demanding profession


Because of the successes in treating athlete’s injuries, ice baths are beginning to be used by an ever widening range of therapists to treat everything from muscle and soft tissue damage in the general population, to the treatment of osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.Studies are also underway to examine the effectiveness of iCool equipment for patients with degenerative illnesses.

Ice baths are also used in some advanced surgery procedures to lower the patients body temperature and it is now well documented that rapidly lowering a trauma patient’s body temperature during transportation to a hospital, dramatically increases survival rates and can limit brain damage. Many other medical uses for ice bath technology are being studied around the world and iCool is developing new compact mobile medical devices based on this emerging technology.


Various arms of the military in many advanced countries are using ice bath technology in new and effective ways, such us in- eld training and rapid recovery from heat exhaustion. Many new applications are being studied, including rapid muscle strain and soft tissue trauma treatment.